Simple Solutions For Recovering From The Google Penguin Updates

Yet again the web has broken out in a mass reaction to the drama of Google releasing another update–this time calling it Penguin. If you don’t have any Internet business or SEO expertise, your first course of action needs to be determining whether or not you have any problems and then assess the different things that will go in to fixing them. Obviously, the most telling is if your site was affected in the rankings. Most website are still figuring out the effects of the Penguin because, as of this article’s writing, the updates are still mostly recent. When you know that you’ve been abusing a single anchor text, you can expect to be penalized. Diluting the site’s backlinks with anchor texts that are newer and up to date is one way to fix this.

Do you even remember the last time you gave your site index a good hard going over? It’s rare to find any website owner who has done this and it is more important than ever. It isn’t hard to do and you need to do it now because of the Google updates. What you really are looking for are URLs that are not needed or close to being redundant or near duplicates. It’s easier to commit the SEO sin of including duplicate content on your web site than you imagine. If your website is older and has lots of pages this gets even easier. You do, though, need to understand this subject really well so it is important to keep learning about it. It is important that you use the following information as soon as you can. If you didn’t notice, a minimum of at least four words are searched for everyday on the search engines. Everything you do for your website, therefore, should be three words or more. Over 60% of all search queries are not actually exact match which is very interesting. More than likely you would have never seen this unless you had done PPC research to find it out. It’s a safe assumption that the use of exact match is not always the best choice. When it all comes down to it, long tail keywords are the best way to go in most cases.

One place that you definitely want to check out is Pinterest if you’re serious about succeeding online. There are many good tips with using that site and here is one of them. You know that Pinterest is all about images and graphics. You could use the smaller graphics Pinterest for various reasons. Not too small but small enough so people will want to click on them. The images should be interesting enough to cause people to click on them. Whatever your website has, make sure these images are smaller than those. The desire to click through has to be rewarded with the much larger graphic on your site.

Making sure your site meets the requirements set forth by the Penguin updates is about triaging your site. What this means is that you need to first take care of and fix the things that are the most damaging to your site. Also, take a close look at the things your processes depend on. It’s important to fix whatever problems there are with your foundation before you move on to anything else. This has a lot to do with the fact that they have an effect on everything else.